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Don't just evaluate performance, Predict Performance!

Sports Organizations are constantly evaluating an athlete’s historical and current physical abilities with quantitative metrics. The sports world also measures “book smarts”.  Yet when it comes to projecting future abilities few metrics are used. What’s more, little has been done to evaluate the connection between an athlete’s brain and how it translates to in-game performance. 

MVR ( is working to understand a player’s cognitive abilities and help predict their future performance. By leveraging science, analytics, and artificial intelligence, MVR is helping increase the odds of adding the right players to your roster and put up more W’s.

MVR Proprietary testing measures qualities such as:

  • Vision (pattern recognition)
  • Awareness (being able to gauge distance, position, and speed)
  • Drive (a player’s motivation)

Why MVR?

1.     Founder Expertise: MVR’s founders (Dr. Damon Bryant & Dr. Larry Davis) have deep experience understanding Human and Cognitive Psychology 

2.     Smart Test® Technology: MVR has built the only AI-based product on the market to help predict performance faster and more accurately

3.     Proven Results: Teams across the NBA, Pro-Soccer, and College Football are adopting MVR’s technology as a way to gain a competitive edge.

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